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Napoléon Coste
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Texts and photos on inner sleeve.

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Production level cataloging. Sung in Cajun French.

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Title from container. Contributor: Clark, Octa Date: Recorded Dec. Contributor: Guillory, Chuck Date: Catalog Record Only Brief record. Contributor: Denain, Patrick Date: New Contributor: Morelli, Monique Date: Recorded Contributor: Toula Date: Recorded in Program and biographical notes on container.

Contributor: Patachou Date: Patachou ; with Jo Basile, accordian and orchestra. Biographical notes on container. Program notes on container. New Contributor: Patachou Date: Audio Recording Patachou sings hit songs from hit broadway shows.

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From the classics of Aguado to the modern compositions of Zenamon, Bridges connects students to both essential literature and enticing masterpieces never before found together. The Etudes have been carefully selected to support the repertoire and isolate specific technical and musical challenges, making Bridges an ideal collection and a comprehensive teaching resource!

This book and CD package contains thirteen show tunes expertly arranged for solo Jazz Guitar in standard notation and tablature. The accompanying audio includes complete demos for listening!

Bring your repertoire into the 21st century with this special collection featuring some of the biggest songs by the best contemporary artists, all arranged for Piano, Voice and Guitar. We have the largest stock of music books in Ireland and stock the latest editions for all exams for schools. Call in and check out the range of books. They can be tough in spots. Did he have a case of Parkening's disease? There are many editions by black guitarist Justin Holland, our most important mid-century American guitarist.

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The "Fantaisie on the Carnival of Venice" may be his most ambitious piece. He arranged Labitzky's "Natalien Waltz" and I wonder if the last section will snap other guitarists' heads back like mine. Play the 3-note chords as a-m-i triplets - romanza???

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There are a couple of beautiful Holland manuscripts. Pieces in manuscript are always exciting, of course. We find examples by Luis T. Romero, E. Pique, and Beverly Letcher in these boxes. Other women show up as guitar arrangers and composers. We meet Mrs. Bell, Eva J. The waltz was obviously a very popular form back then. You can usually make them fly on the guitar because of the uncomplicated bass line. Most of the ones here are by forgotten composers, but there are many Strauss waltzes - in both American and European editions.

To my ears, waltzes have withstood the ravages of time much better than the gavottes, galops, schottisches and other foot-shufflers from that era.

Waltzes sound lively and happy, without descending into corniness. I've always said, "What the world needs today And many of the covers sport sharp-looking engravings of the man, himself. So, you're set for the 4th of July, but other holiday music is rather sparse. Speaking of covers, many of them give a warm feeling from a bygone era. We have engravings of U. Grant, photographs of a few of the guitarist-arrangers, photographs of ladies with parasols, and just plain neat, old-fashioned type-faces and lots of swirly lines. Well, here we find the same 3 pieces grouped together in a German edition - with the same mistakes, even.

To round out the pre-classical era music found here, we have Handel's "Largo" arranged by Geo. Persley , the same Largo arranged by young Ethel.

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We find several other interesting instances of "tie-ins". An edition by N. Curtiss is called "Keepsake - a collection of Popular Melodies arranged for the Guitar". To my mind there is a pervasive similarity between Emilia Giuliani's variations on Bellini's "Ah perche non posso odiarti" and Charles de Janon's variations on "Home Sweet Home" , and even one of C. Fleming's variations on "Home Sweet Home" I wonder who got what from whom? Fleming's arrangements are among the most likely in these pages to cause a modern guitarist to blow his cool.

After you leave the title page of his variations on "Blue Bells Of Scotland" or "Home Sweet Home", you'll might lose track of which one you're playing. My claim, as always, is that you'd be hard pressed to find a piece that is without value, at least as a study. Other effects by 19th C. The snare drum was confined to one measure. You hardly have time to load up and there's a problem with the notated rhythm, to boot but I guess you gotta start somewhere.

The crying baby comes from downward glissandos to each and every melody note.

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  • Valse des Roses Sheet Music by Napoleon Coste!
  • Napoléon Coste.

There are loads of pop songs of the era, falling into two very general categories. From earlier in the century we find songs like "Annie Laurie" and "Home Sweet Home" and the songs of Stephen Foster, who is very well represented. The earliest copyright date I recall seeing was By the way, "Home Sweet Home" may be the No. Tin Pan Alley emerged in the early s, and it marked the beginning of the pop music industry that we know today. In the absence of a stack of 45s from back then, here's your chance to hear all the big hits.

And considering the dopey-sounding vocal stylings on recordings from the '90s eighteen s, even , you'd probably choose a solo guitar arrangement. You probably don't know T. Trinkaus, but he arranged a ton of pop tunes - and did a creditable job, in my view.

He sprinkles small notes here and there for "advanced players". Want to test your technique? How's your problem solving ability? Many turn-of-the-century pop songs came from stage productions, like Victor Herbert operettas. And a few pieces seem to be non-operatic European songs that were popular enough to make their way across the ocean and get themselves arranged for guitar here. Don't miss several concert arrangements of "Rock-A-Bye Baby". This couldn't happen nowadays, I guess cuz we've got something better - we've got a heart of stone. Dylan, There's a batch of pieces written for the guitar tuned to some big major chord or another.

I will confess, though, that most of these try even my patience.