Sexcapades: Volume 3 (Six Sizzling Short Stories)

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You know — geesh, are they going to do it again? Actually, overall, the book is well-written.

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Personally, I kinda loved the way the book ended — although it did break my heart a little. I will probably read it: see 1. I did have a couple little things that irked me. Charles often sounded like a middle-aged man. Like he was twenty years her senior rather than four. These are niggles, because overall, I enjoyed the book for all the reasons one might enjoy a book of this type.

So — if you are looking for a fun, smutty book to pack in your beach bag — give this one a go. Listen to the column here. So, for example, adults reading Young Adult lit. But I also read it because a lot of it is really good.

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Now, of course, young readers have a lot more choice and one of those choices is New Adult. New Adult NA fiction is a developing genre of fiction with protagonists in the 18—25 age bracket. Remember being age ? Often the narrative is told in the first person. The other thing people will likely notice in NA fiction is that the romantic scenes are just a tad racier than in YA fic — not of course 50 Shades racier, but still. OK — I am not a book snob and I read 50 Shades of Grey and laughed hysterically at all the hype it got as the book that revved up the libido of women all over the planet — million copies, people.

But that book has a very peculiar pedigree, right — started as fanfiction based on Twilight. So Anastasia is Bella and Christian is Edward. James wrote as Snowdragonprincess and posted the story in installments on Twilight fansites. Her fans yep, fanfiction writers have hoards of fans encouraged her to change the names and publish it as original fiction. So Easy is the story of Jacqueline Wallace, a second-year university student who is leaving a frat party and attacked by someone.

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Although their relationship is not without its problems, these are characters readers will fall in love with and root for. I really liked this book.

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Sexcapades: Volume 3 (Six Sizzling Short Stories) - Kindle edition by Sky Ashton​. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Sexcapades: Volume 1 (Six Sizzling Short Stories) - Kindle edition by Sky Ashton​. Download it I can hardly wait for time alone with Volumes 2 & 3!! Read more.

Kacey decided it was time to go after her uncle was getting a little too hands n with her little sister. They arrive in Florida where Kacey gets a job and meets Trent, the hot guy next door who has his own dark past. I Take You is the story of Connie Carven, wife to Clifford, a banker who has been seriously injured in a skiing accident and can no longer — erm — perform certain husbandly duties. No matter, Cliff has found other ways to satisfy his wife, most of them involving his Mont Blanc pen and a wicked imagination.

Like, at all.

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As we are. A very important one. Now more than ever. Only I can help him, only me. Because Cliff gouged out — patiently, gently, beseechingly — the very marrow of his impenetrable wife. It had been the trigger that now tipped him into something else. I Take You was starting to sound suspiciously like another book: D.

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Everything you think is going to happen, happens. Mel and Connie start an illicit affair; Cliff gets all bent out of shape about it; Connie chooses personal happiness over marital responsibility.

Sexcapades: Volume 1

But I have standards, people. Kristine is a stripper in New Orleans. Enter Frank. Yeah — it really is that simple. Thus begins her training. Breaking the Girl is meant to be a novel about domination and submission. Black Lace Quickies was a gift and who am I to refuse a gift, especially when it comes in book form.

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Also, I like smutty books. Your kinks are not necessarily my kinks. That said, this slim volume of six stories has something for everyone and the stories are well-written and extremely naughty. The first couple of stories, in particular were well done. Both of these stories offered something slightly more than your standard bump and grind. If you like a little naughty with your well, naughty, this might be the book for you. That is solved for Sandie because her secret lover knew her when she was poor.

Then tradegy and the suspense begins. But need some sizzle during the cold season this may be the story for you to pickup. Or the gift for the girlfriends you watch "the movie" with. Huge tough topics were discussed it is just rolls from simple, complex, explosion and then the awwh moment. The plot is a wow. Mystery readers are never going to guess this one! Revised and coming your way in the newly relaunched Gay Walk of Shame blog series.

Will this story make the Gay Walk of Shame relaunch cut?

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Stay tuned and find out. Relaunch dates coming soon!

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Not his eyes or smile, but it's more than that and please let me enumerate the ways. It's when he would fuck me hard until I couldn't stand any longer and kiss me right after. It's the way he flexes his arms that make me bit my lip while he looks at me. It's the way he would pull me close to him to carry me and pin me on the wall to fuck me. It's the way he would kiss me slowly on my neck going down to my pussy and the way he would eat and suck me up until my eyes would go all white feeling the ecstasy.

It's the way he would pull my hair and slap my butt while I'm on all fours fucking me but it's also the way he would do me and couldn't do more slapping, just grabbing my sides and butt to pull me closer to him for the hardest fuck ever.

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It's also his big hands that would make me wet and the way he would use that to finger me in any place he wanted to. I am on cloud nine every time I would see him from afar and he can already smell my arousal.

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Leatherboy 3 Issue 3. Blowjob 8 Issue 8. Lynn V, Reviewer. That guy is sexy and classy. Book 7 in the Stone Society takes you from New Atlanta across the country to California where you are reunited with familiar faces as well as introduced to new ones. Head 1 Issue 1.

This is not just an addiction, it is also an obsession that I wanted to feel every moment. I think this is his way of bewitching me to never fuck anyone else but him.