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They asked the organization, that they formed to keep these permanent records you now can read, be called the Association of Universal Philosophy. Universal is defined as existing in all there is, an entity. Philosophy comes from two words, meaning loving wisdom. May you gain this knowledge as you read their words. Accept this gift from God given freely in love; find a place for it in your heart. You will receive much knowledge from the spiritual messengers of God — as a Rose without thorns.

Want to travel through time? The spiritual messengers of God looked into and saw the akashic records, made in light and sound through all time, when individuals asked them for a life reading. The angels tell about their past lives to guide their paths today. Readers wll get a fascinating glimpse of the actual history of mankind since our beginning on Earth, and even before! Questions scientists ponder are often answered in these glimpses of our past. The author was simply amazed to verify things the angels said about the times and places people lived, while searching for illustrations.

It is as though the spiritual messengers of God knew we would be making these discoveries in the future.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Rose Montgomery is a graphic designer living just outside. Parable of the Rainbow: Book Collection Grandma Rose ADVENTURES (PARABLES from PARADISE) (Volume 2) (): Rose.

So they were already talking to us in words we can only now understand. We came upon the Earth, this you should call of your home, in the beginning. Here is the new, complete illustrated version combined into one book—— Angels Give a Glimpse through All Time. In this series are the same life readings as are combined into one book above. But you just might reading shorter books or e-books. Below is an earlier version in which half of life readings are illustrated. But all of them are now illustrated in the newer books above.

See this through the eyes of angels who tell individuals about some of their past lives, to guide a person to remember lessons he or she has learned, or to realize what this one has yet to learn. Some have heard of medical intuitive readings. When angels see our needs, they give this and much more in very great love, to help or heal a person.

Then they would recommend ways to help or heal the person. This book contains transcripts of the health readings the spiritual messengers of God gave while Ray was in trance between and When people began to hear of the help that was being given by a voice that spoke through an unconscious man, many people came to ask for help. This healing was becoming widely known throughout the Southwest U.

People just arrived at his front door in Globe, Arizona. Seeing their needs, the spiritual messengers of God taught Ray how to allow them to give healing to people by working with or through him in his waking state, which was less taxing. The spiritual messengers of God would stand beside Ray in his waking state and provide guidance and assistance, sometimes reaching through him to give healing to another.

This did not tire Ray as much so he was able to give healing to the many people who came to his house, asking for his help. Many were healed who had not been able to find help elsewhere; some had searched the world over. The reader must understand this guidance given in the transcribed health readings when Ray was in trance should not be applied to oneself or to others.

It was meant for one person. The spiritual messengers of God tell us each person is unique and had individual needs. You might think of another pattern in nature, snowflakes. No two are exactly alike. This is true with people too. Each body and each soul is individual with different health needs. What may be healing to one man might be poison to another.

At times, were we guided toward medical breakthroughs before this knowledge was publicly known? Once were beyond the medical understanding, their knowledge now rings true as we hear of it in today in medical research or in holistic practices.

The health readings are offered for the knowledge they contain. Perhaps health care providers or others seeking new ways to help people might benefit by the health readings. These health readings do not have medical commentary or illustrations yet. Hopefully, one day, Dr. Elizabeth Grady, a Naturopathic M. Then the health readings will be complete with informative naturopathic, medical and holistic information and commentaries.

But just for now, we have made these health readings available for you to see as transcripts without medical interpretation yet.

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They are simply as we were asked to do; these permanent records have been kept. So we added this book, Miscellaneous Questions and Answers. It contains all that was left unpublished, just to be sure you can see all the words that were transcribed that the spiritual messengers of God spoke. Where it was hot — where it was hot it shall become colder. Where it was dry it shall become wetter.

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Where there no water flows, water shall flow, because water is the spirit. Its whole form shall change. Where no water flowed, water shall flow. What was a desert before shall bloom into gardens. On the other side of the Sword, thy will see man. But the beginning has already begun. Hopefully, their words will add to our understanding.

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But your earth is sliding with this change. It has done this many times before. But this time it should be done with purpose, that mankind may hear and heed the words of God.

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But yet, you go onward with your wars and your killing. Yet you took this and misinterpreted these words, and misinterpreted the deed within itself. For earthquakes should come within your land. The earth should heave and give forth unto new life. And the temple of God that is in within man shall shine forth, and come again. We have given unto thee many lessons to pass forth upon the people of the land. We do not come to you alone. We have chosen you first to prepare a way for the coming of the Messiah.

Parable of the Rainbow: Book Collection "Grandma Rose ADVENTURES"

A young woman looks up into the stars. And in , her life was miraculously saved in a wreck. So she gave her life to God to lead as He chose. But her story of only one of thousands of people who came, and who asked God and His spiritual messengers, Aka, for help and guidance.

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