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One teacher told how she would provide clean clothes and let the tot nap in a cot if she was too tired for class. In a harrowing testimony she revealed that she found the bloodstained knickers after telling the girl to go and clean herself up - but cops refused to use them as evidence as they had not been "securely stored".

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Because I called and I called. Sanchez and Stewart were arrested two weeks ago after a school nurse finally told cops that the girl had been sexually assaulted. Heartbreaking court documents tell how the girl once turned up to class saying: "Mom made me hustle last night". We pay for your stories! Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team? Email us at tips the-sun.

T-shirts, bodies and vests are generally used as thermal underwear. They add a protective layer during the cold season and are perfect for more fragile children or kids who feel the cold. They also allow them to wear their favourite T-shirt, even in cold weather! To keep your child nice and warm, put the following under their clothes:.

To make sure your child is comfortable, you need to choose the right size for their underwear.

What A Girl's Underwear Means

You just need to know their height in centimetres. You can then consult the size guides for boys, girls and babies on each DPAM product page. This method can lead to errors, though, as many children are taller or smaller than average.

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Using their height in centimetres is less risky and is suitable for socks, briefs and vests. To choose the best underwear for your little one, there are a few more details you need to focus on to make sure they are comfortable. Choose briefs and knickers with a high percentage of cotton.

They may be enriched with a small amount of elastane for extra comfort. In the case of socks and tights, the knit may contain other fibres, due to their thermal quality or other features, but cotton is the priority.

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It all depends on how often you do a wash! Make sure you have one pair of knickers, briefs, boxers or shorties per day, plus two or three spares.

Add one pair of socks per day, then one vest and one pair of tights for every two or three days in the winter. If you do one weekly wash, this means you will need around ten pairs of briefs and pairs of socks, three vests and two pairs of tights.

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