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The resilient city - realities and perspectives in Africa and the Middle East. Call for papers - Early modern.

Comment développer les recherches françaises sur l'histoire de l'Europe orientale

A partir de les Wighs arrivent aux affaires avec notamment Lloyd George , Herbert Henry Asquith et le jeune Winston Churchill In the hearth of world security] Paris: Autrement, , Now in semi-retirement, he is still active as Principal Researcher in Monash's Centre for Social and Organisational Informatics and is a continuing contributor to that University's internationally renowned Records Continuum Research Group. The Center for Lao Studies was formed in as a non-profit, public benefit organization, incorporated in the state of California. Five initiatives have served to enhance these aspects: - Active participation in the Transparency, Access to Information and Good Governance Act of Catalonia has allowed us to include records management as the technical foundation of any advertising information on specific portals and to connect information with its original and primary sources. Conference, symposium - Ethnology, anthropology.

The evolutions of board games: materials, practices, and design. The Board Game Studies Colloquium is a platform aimed at bringing together game scholars from all fields, as well as independent researchers, curators, game inventors, collectors and enthusiasts from all around the world. Conference, symposium - History. Seminar - Science studies. The seminar examines the various types of documents produced in the context of scholarly practices in order to understand how the shaping of textual forms and inscriptions is part of the scientific activity.

The seminar also aims to understand how these works make it possible to better interpret the sources on which historians of science draw to conduct their research.


Scholarship, prize and job offer - Asia. Atlas postdoctoral fellowship in Israel and Jerusalem - Atlas Call for papers - Sociology. Conference, symposium - Ethnology, anthropology. Currently, technologies that foster emotional connections between humans and digital beings are perceived as a threat by many.

Call for papers - Representation.

Ethonographic investigations in Japan, feedback and discussions on recent experiences. Study days - Sociology. Home de en es fr pt. Home Types Calendar Subjects Places. Sort By publication date. By relevance. Call for papers - Geography Landscapes, inhabitant autonomy and local action in contemporary Japan, s to the present day: comparative French-Japanese perspectives Projets de paysage journal no. Paris Conference, symposium - Sociology Hong Kong: protests, politics and identity What factors are at the origin of these protest movements?

Paris Seminar - Science studies History of Science, History of Text The seminar examines the various types of documents produced in the context of scholarly practices in order to understand how the shaping of textual forms and inscriptions is part of the scientific activity. Berlin Conference, symposium - Ethnology, anthropology Emotional attachment to machines New ways of relationship-building in Japan Currently, technologies that foster emotional connections between humans and digital beings are perceived as a threat by many.

However these archives are often catalogued separately to collections meaning that valuable knowledge relating to ancestral remains become separated from the remains themselves.

Histoire contemporaine

This paper explores the utilisation of network informatics to interconnect records of any form, releasing the embedded knowledge to enable the meaningful remembering and retelling of the stories of the taking and return of ancestral remains. Gavan McCarthy has worked at the University of Melbourne in and around archives since His research, predominantly based on action research methodologies, covers the history and archives of Australian science, contextual information frameworks, archival science and the preservation of knowledge, and the utilisation of network science in social and cultural informatics.

Her work includes managing projects, the publication and management of a range of web resources, working with a range of organisations to enable them to manage their own archival collections and resources, as well as collaborating with researchers in projects with a social and cultural informatics focus. Ailie has been working on the 'Return, Reconcile, Renew' project since For historical reasons these countries have long tradition for cooperation in many fields.

The first Nordic Archives Conference was held in Stockholm in Since then the Nordic National Archives have strengthened and widened their cooperation. Today it consists of these main factors; annual meetings of National Archivists, publication of The Nordic Archives Journal Nordisk Arkivnyt , a joint outreach The Archives Day in the Nordic Countries, annual seminars called The Nordic Archives Academy, regular expert seminars on digital preservation and joint regular benchmarking activities.

Besides that, there are examples of projects and cooperation between individual countries.

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The next new initiative will be a joint Nordic Archives Web. The suggested topics are: 1. The digital activities of the Nordic archives, in accessioning digital archival material, digitizing and giving access to physical documents. The principles, methods and experiences. The role of the archives as cultural heritage institutions. The administrative role of the Nordic National Archives in today society, preserving the rights of the administration and the rights of the citizens.

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The Archive of Tibet Autonomous Region is one of the Chinese local historical archive with rich archival holdings and is an important archival site collected Tibetan historical archives from tibetan local Sa Skya Dynasty to , spires more than years. As an important center of unified management of records, the Tibetan Archive mainly keeps the Tibetan language documents of the old regime with a total holdings of over 3. The main part of the holdings is paper records and other media include records on fine silk, wood etc. Tibetan historical documents are mainly kept in the form of volumes layed together to be wrapped with cloth.

Important documents such as title conferring, law code, regulation were written on yellow satin or on the fine Tibetan paper, mounted with red, yellow or blue silk or fine cloth. Some documents are kept in the cloth bags. Documents kept in the cloth bags are arranged according to Tibetan catalogue, then rolled them into a big volume and preserved in wood, bamboo, golden or leather cases.

My research, so far, interests include Tibetan historical archives, the political system of the dGa' Ldan Pho Brang Government , Tibetan aristocratic families and the biography or autobiography of Tibetan historical intellectuals. Why do we acquire certain records over others in archives? How do archivists know that what they have chosen are the best records? These questions have been at the centre of archival acquisition and appraisal debates for centuries.

Chine du Sud

Archivists have attempted to provide rules and guidelines for these concepts, but so far no concrete regulations have been stable enough to apply to all facets of the archival world. The question of how an archivist should appraise records is a very contentious topic. However, there are no set guidelines to follow when accomplishing this task and many archivists state that it is up to the appraiser to critically assess the records to determine which ones are suitable for the archives.

To be able to critically analyze and appraise archival records one needs to know intimate details about the records such as: their history, provenance, relationships to other records, cultural value, societal value and inherent subjectivities. Specifically, archivists need to make sure that native and non-native groups are represented in the records that they choose to acquire. Therefore, utilizing theory to build a general process or set of principles that take into account underlying biases that may not be readily apparent should be integrated into archival practice, particularly with regards to acquisition and appraisal, to provide archivists with the ability to be more critical about the records they keep and the ones they disregard.

Trainor has a background in history M. Hons from Memorial University of Newfoundland; archives, and records management M. His focus is on the integration of theory and practice.

The line between reality and virtuality and the distinctions between human, machine and nature are getting increasingly blurred. Phenomena like Big Data, smart cities and the Internet of things are widely seen as heralds of fundamental societal transformation in a world in which everyone is always connected.

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The computational or digital turn we are witnessing has already been designated as the fourth revolution after Copernicus, Darwin and Freud. Floridi, Online Manifesto, These developments constitute the contextual background of our presentation in which we want to raise and discuss some questions the archival community is confronted with in its aim to create a meaningful and sustainable memory-function for society. What are the implications for creating a meaningful societal memory when our relationship with information changes in such a fundamental way?

It was only until very recently that scarcity of information was the norm. Governmental agencies registered and recorded as precisely as possible data that were regarded valuable for policy-making and other governmental activities. Appraisal and selection methods developed by archivist were founded on the same scarcity paradigm: they aimed to identify the valuable records by assessing them through content analysis, context analysis and functional analysis. But since societal added value increasingly depends on the availability of huge quantities of data, which are generated more and more automatically by devices people use and since governments increasingly make use of these data to improve decision-making or to monitor citizens by analysing these semi automatically generated data we need to question the tenability of existing appraisal and selection methods.

Charles Jeurgens is professor of archival studies at Leiden University and strategic advisor at the Dutch National Archives. He is fascinated by the developments in information- and communication technologies and the opportunities and new questions these generate for records- and archives management.

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The combination of scholarly research and application of results in the archival practice is the driving force behind his approach. One field of his special interest is appraisal and selection in the digital age. He was involved in the development of a new approach for appraisal and selection in the Netherlands and one of the authors of new guidelines for record managers and archivists. P Wars as seen from the two sides of the border via archival documents. Examples of France-Catalonia and Chile-Peru.

Par chemins de traverse, aux Presses universitaires du Septentrion. P Proof, power - and prying. Archives, archivists and archival users as perceived in comics, manga and graphic novels. Art and fictional literature may give other insights than scholarly literature do. How comic books have depicted the archival world has intrigued me for 40 years.

The diversity in these descriptions of all things archival is astonishing. Naturally we find the stereotypes: dust, bureaucratsstacks of files, but also some very strange archives! Surprisingly often we find apt observations of troubled behavior or questionable practices. Morals, inquisitiveness, doubt, magic, wit, horror, satire and suspense, it is all there.

My presentation will introduce you to a variety of visual renderings of our work, surroundings, users and ourselves. I will quote from some of the finest works of this genre.

Many comics are irrelevant and of low quality. But sometimes the graphic novel is like life. Or larger than life. There are unique characteristics in storytelling.

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And sometimes the archival element is in focus. Sometimes archival elements set the scene. The mere holding of a file can add power to a character.