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Baudry, C. Billard C, J. Large, L. Lespez, E. Oxford: British Archaeological Report S Gaudin , L. Doctoral Thesis, University of Rennes. Giot , P. Penn Ar Bed 60 , — Barnenez, Carn, Guennoc. Penn ar Bed , — Annales de Bretagne 2 , — Annales de Bretagne 68 , 22 — Briard, M.

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Le livre des arbres, arbustes et arbrisseaux. Long , A. Mid- and late-Holocene evolution of the Dungeness foreland, UK. Marine Geology , — Marine Geology , 97 — Marguerie , D. Rennes : Travaux du Laboratoire d'Anthropologie de Rennes Giot, J. Pape eds , Protohistoire de la Bretagne , 19 — Rennes : Editions Ouest France. Martin , M. A Description of the Western islands of Scotland circa Edinburgh : Editions Birlinn.

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Joussaume, L. Burnez-Lanotte, M.

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Log In Register. The office also started an Internationalization and localization policy asking Google , Firefox [15] [16] and SPIP to develop their interfaces in Breton. Longitudinal chromatic aberration is due to wavelength-dependent differences in refraction of light by the same lens. Holocene storm surges in the coastal dunes of the western Netherlands Mar. Retrieved January 1,

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British Archaeological Report S Oxford : Archaeopress. Suanez , S. Tastet , J. Quaternaire 9 , — A new interpretation of Holocene dunes in Southwestern France. Geomorphology 25 , 93 — Tessier , B. Infilling stratigraphy of macrotidal tide-dominated estuaries.

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Sedimentary Geology , 62 — Tresset , A. Le Phoque gris Halichoerus grypus Fabricius, Pascal, O. Vigne eds , Invasions biologiques et extinctions. Van De Plassche , O.