American Jihad: A Patriot’s Journal of Hell in the Heartland

American Jihad: A Patriot's Journal of Hell in the Heartland
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Rats take over live TV. Variables and pay gaps. Why and how manipulating the public's opinions works. Where's Andrew Yang?


The rehabilitation of Al Franken is happening right before our eyes. I am a woman; you are a trans woman. And that distinction matters. Flashback to President Obama describes the woes of Baltimore. CNN calls out Trump's history of "infest" as racist dog whistle. Moderate Democratic hopeful John Delaney calls for a mandatory national service plan for young adults. Transitioning the Fat with Jeffy Fisher. Major update on the Women's U. Soccer Team. Stu is currently transitioning. The rats on the street all dance 'round my feet. Good morning, Baltimore! That's called forced labor.

We are all immunity by skin color. Everybody loves Peyton Manning, but for how much longer? City rat infestations by the numbers. New budget deal puts final nail in the Tea Party coffin with Brian Riedl. Chewing the Fat with Jeffy. Now, saying names of cities is racist. President Trump is an Equal opportunity offender Everybody loves Peyton Manning, but for how much longer. Bias and Obsessed with Donald Trump.

City rat infestations by the Numbers Nerdiest sexual assault in history. America's deficit chickens are coming home to roost. President Donald Trump ran on being the 'King of debit' Stu chews the fat with Jeff. In this interview, Mr. Happy Racistversary Glenn Beck! The Media and The Media Sewn together like Frankenstein.

Glenn set the trendsetting racist ways.

The Media and the Media Glenn's Best friend Pat Gray recalls the horrors of the event Bill O'Reilly remembers thinking the Forces of Evil were just given a cannon. Sensi O'Reilly was there to help Glenn trend set entire way. Befuddled Mueller's unfair investigation blew up in his face. Dissing on Ricky Martin. Glenn is heading to Australia, to help free slaves while fearing the most dangerous spiders on earth. Fun with a Unmitigated Disaster. The Dream of Impeachment Is over. Tips of the Icebergs on IIhan Omar.

Alan Dershowitz Cannot Stop Talking.

American Jihad : A Patriot's Journal of Hell in the Heartland

The dream of impeachment is over. Muller deflected over times What is a Liberal in Jeffrey Epstein is not partying with the Buffalo Bill cheerleaders in jail She won the seat Keith Ellison once held. Alan's continued fight of False allegations of sexual conduct. It's a Open and Shut case.

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I am being silenced. Glen and Stu's long awaited play-by-play of the political snoozefest Hank Johnson, the dumbest congressmen speaks Louie the bulldog Gohmert has been released. Tom Fitton joins to discuss The Squad are squeaking again and this time we're all Islamophobes.

Hank Johnson, the dumbest congressmen speaks.

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The phytotron was not only at the center of post-war plant science, but also connected to the Cold War, commercial agriculture, and long-duration space flight On the order to fly weapons free, see David Wherley interview Feb. Also, in order not to seem intemperate may quote the esteemed patriot an original "Tea Partier" John Adams. Ter-Matevosyan looks into the origins, evolution, and transformational phases of Kemalism between the s and s He was reelected by a landslide in Spielrein's life resembles a nodal point; she stood at the crossroads of extraordinary changes in world politics and psychoanalysis In , these designations were eliminated; all international terrorism matters now receive the same designation,

Brotherly Love and llhan Omar with David Steinberg. Cut from the same cloth with Justin Haskins.

Hold on let me refer to my documents Pat Gray wonders if Tom Brady a bad dad Boris Johnson, the man of the people wins the day. No Plan Brexit straight ahead. Services denied to transgender woman in Canada Boris and Trump sentiments abound. Rashida Tiaib spews her democratic socialism for all, all over the place. Pat Gray wonders if Tom Brady is a bad dad. Waxing Franks and Beans.

Getting the nasty Iranian snakes off our plate The Media's Friday news dump in review Civil unrest is coming, meanwhile they are still talking about Bob Muller Our many differences in defining fairness. Glenn tells us what Mr. Ineloquent really means when he says it Fun with llhan Omar.

What can Americans expect. He's very popular with conservatives Why is Stu comparing things to The Beatles Believing Al Franken. A New Nationwide Poll says it all. What Mr. Ineloquent Really Means. Advisory: Mature Content Glenn sits down with a man he finds incredibly hilarious and well-read. Gavin McInnes and Glenn Beck have been in the news together over the last year, and almost every story has gotten it wrong. - Transcripts

So in this interview, they discuss the elephant in the room. Now he is a comedian and founder of FreeSpeech. Get ready to hear a human tornado as Gavin unpacks his biography and history. Thank you space program.

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Hello microwaves and iPhones Glenn takes us down to Paradox City Revelation and the Mark of the Beast in Racism is the easiest smear card of the media. America is not buying the Media's racist smear and they are very nervous. Changing Lives and trajectories. An Army families tragic moving truck fire burns everything Medicare will never be for all. Happy 50th Anniversary Apollo Thank you Space Program. President Trump is not a racist with Bill O'Reilly.

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It's all about Adopting The Minority Report. We are being Fed like dogs through algorithms A four-part series, transport in time and understand what Apollo 11 felt like to the millions of Americans who lived through it Top Secret Cold War Nuclear plans revealed. If we talked to people like we talk to people online, with JamieKilsteinPodcast. Mark of the Beast is a big hit in Sweden. We're all being fed like dogs through algorithms. Top Secret Nuclear War plans revealed.

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Glenn does not think President Trump is a racist. America's New Democrats are Socialists who want to burn it all down. And the Media is helping Racist or Not to be Racist, That is the Question.

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The Historian who should be ashamed of himself Hit by cars that caused French fry flashbacks. The heroism and compassion of service dogs. The history of the lawnmower revealed. Glenn urges Hollywood to stop changing the stories for political correctness.