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Religion and social values for sustainability

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A scientific defense of spiritual & religious faith - Tony Jack - TEDxCLE

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A New Science of Religion: 1st Edition (Hardback) - Routledge

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Rethinking public religion: Word, image, sound

Gregory Dawes holds a joint appointment as Associate Professor in Philosophy and Religion at the University of Otago and has PhD degrees in biblical studies. Religious belief, once in the domain of the humanities, has found a new home in the sciences. Promising new developments in the study of religion by cognitive.

Stephen R. Martin E. It investigated the deeper history of the prophetic medicine literature uncovering how pious narratives and writings of medical and religious scholars in the classical Islamic period conditioned the ways Muslim patients understood their bodies and experienced diseases, how they approached medical care, and how they perceived their suffering and recovery. The book sheds light on the place of science and medicine in Egyptian Ottoman scholarly culture on the eve of colonization.

Ragab is currently working on two new book projects. The book looks at the history of medieval and early modern science across traditional boundaries separating Europe and the Islamic world, using objects to investigate the production of scientific knowledge and practice.

The second, Around the Clock: Time in Medieval Islamic Clinical Cultures Johns Hopkins University Press, forthcoming , investigates the place of time as an epistemic and cultural category in medical thought and practice. It looks at how time is articulated in a variety of contexts, from understanding seasonal variations and astrological and astronomical changes, to aging, to disease progress and to the place of time in defining gender categories.

His work discusses debates on progress and reform in the nineteenth and twentieth century, the establishment of new medical and scientific faculties in the region, and the formation of new scientific elites.

His most recent works have paid attention to the affective economies underwriting the making of colonial and postcolonial science and medicine. Full CV.

Clay Routledge on his upcoming book on motivation and supernatural belief.

For media inquiries or requests, please contact Michael Naughton in the Office of Communications. Skip to main content. Main Menu Utility Menu Search. Ahmed Ragab Richard T. Watson Associate Professor of Science and Religion. Boston, Leiden: Brill,